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A "post official development" blog for users of (or even for those who fondly remember) that rare and beautiful beast - the late-nineties Ensoniq PARIS Digital Audio Workstation, a unique blend of hardware and software that can still to this day hold its head up amongst its peers for "what comes out of the speakers". Be sure to read the Welcome post as it's assumed you've read it and understood it. Have fun! 

NEW (Q4 '08): After a lengthy testing process, new drivers for PARIS are now available for purchase from Mike Audet's site!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

User Gallery - mixes

If you've got a piece of work you've done wholly or partially on PARIS that you'd like to share, or to ask for feedback/input on, post a link here (we can work on file uploading when I've got more resources in place). Let us know if you'd like to have it included in the sidebar.


kerrygalloway said...

I'll start the ball rolling - here are some cuts from Astrid's album "Red Umbrella", which I produced a couple of years back; mostly tracked and all mixed in Paris (not on my own rig).

Produced/sequenced/bass/gtr KG, tracked and mixed by Daniel Elmes at Dubvibe productions.

The Key: Sequencing and guitar done by myself in Logic and Reason and bounced out; bass, multiple tracks of live cello, drums, percussion and keyboards (organ and piano) overdubbed in PARIS at Dubvibe.

Spinoff: Once again, sequencing done in Logic/Reason/Melodyne including the "Rhodes" (EVP88) and bounced out - live drums, percussion and bass and some truly wacky stuff involving a transistor radio played through a Moog overdubbed in PARIS at Dubvibe.

Running Home: sequencing done by myself in Reason, which I ReWired to Logic to add guitar and bass, bounced out - live drums and percussion added in PARIS at Dubvibe.

Heart: Astrid had recorded it fifteen years before and abandoned it so I basically decided to approach it as a remix; fifteen year old audio tracks dredged off 2", thrown into Ableton Live and Melodyne and hard-synced to steady tempo - added loop - bounced out stems - live drums, percussion, piano and live cello added in PARIS at Dubvibe.

Eyes of Abraham: originally a drifty jazz ballad; same deal as Heart; scavenged sax, gtr, dbl bass into Ableton Live, plus a poopy stinky old D50 pad which I fed through MDA combo and MidiGater to mess up - bounced out - added live Moog in PARIS at Dubvibe.

kerrygalloway said...

Here are two demos we did for some talented local folks, Kris and Nikki Werner. Tracked and mixed on my PARIS rig here.

The Need

Take A Look At My Heart

kerrygalloway said...

Couple of friends and I having a bit of what we all agreed was a musical "bad hair day"; still, PARIS sounds killer. And soon we're going to go back in and do the album right.

Triode, playing "You Don't Know What Love Is".