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A "post official development" blog for users of (or even for those who fondly remember) that rare and beautiful beast - the late-nineties Ensoniq PARIS Digital Audio Workstation, a unique blend of hardware and software that can still to this day hold its head up amongst its peers for "what comes out of the speakers". Be sure to read the Welcome post as it's assumed you've read it and understood it. Have fun! 

NEW (Q4 '08): After a lengthy testing process, new drivers for PARIS are now available for purchase from Mike Audet's site!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing the ParisForums!

It's been a year long journey since the decision was made to boost PARIS' web profile and kick-start external development by launching a PARIS Internet forum.  Today we're proud to announce the launch of the ParisForums, the Internet's premiere source for Ensoniq PARIS info, where you'll find years of archives and in-the-moment tech support as well as some exciting plans for future development.

Historically, the heart of the PARIS community is on USENET; achieving sync with the old (but surprisingly active) PARIS USENET group was a key technical hurdle. Few forum or BBS softwares can integrate with USENET nowadays, but with the help of FUDForum's Frank Naude the final barriers were overcome last month and the PARIS Forums and the PARIS NG are now fully synchronized in realtime.

 Come on in, and enjoy!