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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Q & A

Got a PARIS question? Post it here.



I bought a Paris setup with a apple g4 OS9, with 2 eds cards and a loaded mec with a c16 pro.

I cant seem to get the c16 to work.

the manual is no help. appendix 1 doesnt help you set up the c16.

is the c16 suppose to light up once you open paris program?

kerryg said...

Hi there - although this *is* technically the Q&A thread, the action's moved over to the PARISForums -

Come join us over there, you'll get input from a far greater number of PARIS users

The short answer for the C16 is - yes, it should light up once you open PARIS. If not, there's a problem. Going through the potential issues -

1) your contacts in either the C16 or the EDS card or the cable might be dirty; give them a shot of a contact cleaner like Electrosolve contact cleaner by MG Chemicals or an equivalent (should be available at your local electronics shop - handy to have). Check the ends for bent or warped pins.

2) your cable is faulty; try another one. DO NOT use a crossover cable for this, they can cause permanent damage to your computer/EDS card!

3) there's a deeper issue in the EDS or the C16.

Try those suggestions and let us know how you get on with them, and if they don't work maybe someone on the forum can help. Good luck!

jarulkapop said...

Is there anybody who could write what should be done step by step to make two MEC and two EDS work like one recording system or where to find such an information?
THX in advance

Kuro-san said...

I have used an Ensoniq PARIS software before and am currently trying to find if anyone sells the PARIS 3.0. I saw that there were demo versions that you could download but I am wondering if there was actually a software for the 3.0 version. PARIS is so far the best system that I've used.
-Please let me know if there is anyone selling this Ensoniq PARIS 3.0 version product, I am willing to buy it.

kerryg said...

Hi Kuro-san - sorry, this blog is rarely used and activity now goes on over here:

Please come and join us there, we have lots of cool news to share with you, including the answer to that question (yes, it's available).