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NEW (Q4 '08): After a lengthy testing process, new drivers for PARIS are now available for purchase from Mike Audet's site!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

New PARIS Tracksheets/Worksheets

I created these sheets years ago to smooth session workflow, and I thought perhaps some might find them useful. They fall into two categories.

PRODUCERS: for each project I create a production binder and insert an overview page (.PDF) with all songs listed so I can keep track of where we are overall in the project. This helps me maintain a good picture of where we are in the project so I don't miss something in the heat of tracking. It also helps spot similarities in keys and tempo which is handy for a bunch of things, like song sequence in mastering, or pilfering material from one song to use in another. 

Next, for each song I create an individual song sheet (.PDF) that lets me track data for that song. I also made vocal comp sheets (.PDF) to help me keep track of the best sections of "takes". I'd write in the beginning of lines/phrases before we started and then use the boxes on the right to indicate good or problem areas in takes.

ENGINEERS: I threw together some PARIS tracksheets - a multi submix (.PDF) and a two submix (.PDF) - for Dubvibe (they originally had the Dubvibe logo in the blank space at the top; contact me privately if you've got a logo you want in that space).

I used them for years, with PARIS and other DAWs, so I'm probably blind to their deficiencies. Propose refinements in comments and I'll address them and post new ones.

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