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NEW (Q4 '08): After a lengthy testing process, new drivers for PARIS are now available for purchase from Mike Audet's site!

Monday, March 31, 2008

The Ensoniq PARIS Blog proudly welcomes Mike Audet!

*update 04/06/08 - Mike's plugin installation guide now available in Acrobat format (112k pdf)

This blog is extremely pleased to announce its very first frontpage contributor, a name familiar to all - the redoubtable Mike Audet, to whom we're extremely grateful for "taking up the torch" of 3rd-party PARIS FX development, passed on by Chuck Duffy's "Chunkworks".

Look for Mike's posts on development and FX issues starting in June.

And to kick his residency off with an extremely fresh "scoop" - fresh as in today - Mike just might have some extremely interesting news soon. And no, it's not about a new plugin on the drawing board.

It's about a discovery he's made concerning an annoying little peculiarity of PARIS', a peculiarity so old and so ingrained (and so presumably unfixable) that working around it has become habit, and we've all pretty much forgotten about it, considering it to be "just part of the fabric of the PARIS universe".

In Mike's hands - maybe not.

Stay tuned. And once again - welcome, Mike - take a bow!

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